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"Fiber of the Future"


Why Eco Jute

a. Echo Jute is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and environment friendly.
b. It is natural fiber with golden and silky shine in appearance.
c. Jute is the cheapest vegetables fibers produced from the skin of the plant’s stem.
d. It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics. Therefore, jute is very suitable for carrying bulk commodity.
e. Best quality of industrial Yarn, Fabric, Net, and Sacks can be made by jute.
f. Jute is one of the most versatile natural fibers.

Who are we?

Eco Jute Bangladesh Limited is 100% export oriented jute goods manufacturing company in Bangladesh. We use very high quality jute fibers in our products. Our product is eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural, green, decomposable, recyclable and cost-effective.


Provide best quality of 100% natural, biodegradable, environment friendly and recyclable jute goods manufactured in Bangladesh with a view to facilitating our green environment.


To be a market leader in the jute goods manufacturing sector within near future.

Why Choose Eco Jute Bangladesh Ltd?

a. Outstrip our customer’s expectation.
b. Our product is of high quality with competitive price.
c. We manufacture customized, innovative and fashionable products.
d. Our product is Eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural, green, decomposable and recyclable.
e. We maintain the delivery time frame.

Here’s what Makes us Different

1. Blessed with their special climatic condition and specialized habitat, every year around 55 million farmers are engaged in jute cultivation which is their ancient profession. Jute products of Bangladesh are acclaimed worldwide as the best quality jute for its color, texture, luster, length and strength.Bangladesh is holding the first position in producing jute. Worlds 90% jute is produced in Bangladesh. In world’s jute export market, Bangladesh shares about more than 70% which makes Bangladesh the largest exporter of jute fibers in the world. Jute is used for manufacturing shopping bags, hand bags, tote bags, lunch bag, grocery bags, wine bag, conference bags, fashion bags, gift bags, burlaps bags, corporate bags, bottle bag, promotional bags, etc. Jute is also called as the “Fiber of the Future”.

2. We as a Bangladeshi Jute goods manufacturing company get the advantage of using the best quality of jute fiber and fabric with very cheap price. Abundance of high quality cheap jute raw materials help us to provide the best quality products with competitive price.

Quality Services

Our quality control team ensures your requirement and go in details to maintain the highest level of quality products.Whatever is your budget and however different your design, our team can make it happen. Attention to detail and your need is never compromised.

Isn’t it Time You Made the Switch?

We understand the importance of developing mutually beneficial relationships with all our business associates such as Supermarkets, Retail Chains, Departmental Stores, Eco-friendly organizations, etc. Be it our client or our vendor we see to it that people who work with us feels satisfied on all counts. We always look towards developing a long term sustainable relationship with our associates and always be a reason for their success.